The nearest airport to Quinta Olivia is Porto. There are daily flights to Porto (Oporto).

Rental car

Competition among car rental companies is fierce. The earnings no longer seem to come from the rental itself, but from everything around it. Most often heard: when you pick up the car you have to pay a deposit to cover the deductible that can amount to more than € 1,000. If you do not have that much cash or do not have that much spending limit on your credit card, you can also surrender the deductible

It is difficult to indicate which company or intermediary uses both attractively low internet rates and transparent conditions. Our best experience so far is with Sunny Cars. Sunny Cars offers cars with clear rental agreements. All necessary insurances are included. However, you should keep in mind that a deposit is always requested for covering the deductible, or a surrender thereof is offered. Therefore, make sure you have a credit card with sufficient disposable space.


To get to the quinta you can search for “Quinta Olivia turismo rural Ponte da Barca” (Google Maps) or “Quinta Olivia Ruivos” (Apple Maps) on your smartphone. If you do not have this option, please contact us. We will then send you detailed instructions.

(electronic) toll roads

Portugal has two types of toll roads. Roads with gates where you pay in cash or with a credit card. And there are roads with electronic toll gates. The advantage is that you do not have to stop. A box that is mounted under the windscreen registers which toll gates you drive through. Most car rental companies rent out these lockers for about € 2 per day. You then pay the ‘used’ toll afterwards.

Do you want to make trips with your own transport via electronic toll roads or do you travel further through the country? There are various payment options. Look here, scroll to the bottom of the page “payment methods” to see which system is the most convenient for you.