Festivities/ romarias

The Minho is well known for its romarias (religious festivities). They take place especially in August, when the emigrants from Andorra, France or Switzerland return to Portugal to visit family. The joy of the reunion is mainly expressed in endless sessions of traditional music and fireworks. Often with performances by local folk dance groups.

Beach (praia)

North of Viana de Castelo along the coastal road N13 towards Vila Praia de Ancora / Caminha are several sandy beaches.

Viana de Castelo has two city beaches: one on the north side (praia norte) and one on the south side of the river Lima: Cabedelo, a beach for kite surfers and windsurfers.

Vila Praia de Ancora itself is a nice resort with a beautifully landscaped family beach along a promenade lined with seafood restaurants.


There is an abundance of restaurants serving a predominantly satisfactory dish of the day for only a few euros. The nearest restaurant to the quinta is São Miguel in São Martinho de Crasto (only opens for lunch). In the apartment is a list of restaurants for which you sometimes have to drive a little further, but definitely are worth the drive. Please note that Portuguese portions normally are very large. Order – if possible – a “meia dose” (half portion). You will find that you get a full meal!